This December, Marvel is introducing a brand-new Thunderbolts team spinning out of the pages of Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing (and artist Carmen Carnero)’s Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty run, and in an exclusive first look for CBR, we have some brand-new art from the first issue of Thunderbolts by Kelly and Lazing and artist Geraldo Borges.

During Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, we learned that there was a powerful and hidden cabal known as the Outer Circle that had been manipulating world events since World War I (as the founders of the Outer Circle felt that the chaos of World War I proved that the people of the world were not worthy of ruling themselves) through a competition with one another that they called “The Century’s Game.” Captain America’s shield itself had been designed by the man who forged it as a clue to the identity of the Outer Circle, although that clue would not be deciphered until decades had passed.

One of the twists of the Outer Circle is that they felt that they had to give the people a chance, so they introduced an outside agent known as “The Revolution,” who would try to take them down, although no one could act against another member of the Outer Circle themselves, they would have to manipulate intermediaries. Well, during Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, the hero known as The Winter Soldier, who had been one of those intermediaries who had been manipulated to help the Outer Circle, took over as the NEW Revolution, and by the end of the run, Barnes had access to more covert intelligence than anyone has ever imagined, and so with that in his hands, he has decided to use it to bring down some of the worst villains in the world, along with a team of the best covert agents in the Marvel Universe as the new Thunderbolts.

Marvel’s Thunderbolts Fight King Pin and More in Connecting Cover

Who is in charge of the Thunderbolts?


COLLIN KELLY & JACKSON LANZING (W) • GERALDO BORGES (A) Cover by TERRY DODSON VARIANT COVER BY GEORGE PÉREZ VIRGIN VARIANT COVER BY GEORGE PÉREZ CONNECTING VARIANT COVER BY JOSEMARIA CASANOVAS SKI CHALET VARIANT COVER BY LUCAS WERNECK SKI CHALET VIRGIN VARIANT COVER BY LUCAS WERNECK VARIANT COVER BY MAHMUD ASRAR NIGHTMARE VARIANT COVER BY PEACH MOMOKO VARIANT COVER BY TBA • VIRGIN VARIANT COVER BY TBA Bucky Barnes, the New Revolution, just inherited a mountain of covert intel, and he has one objective: Justice. Like lightning. He’s going after the establishment, the people no one else is willing or able to take down, and he’ll do whatever it takes to win. Teaming with the mysterious Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Bucky assembles a team of black-ops heavy hitters to pursue high-profile targets like the Red Skull, Kingpin and even Doctor Doom himself. No one is safe from the Thunderbolts! 40 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99

Kelly and Lanzing described the series as, “The call has gone out to all those who call the shadows their home; every spy, assassin, and renegade has a part to play in Bucky Barnes’ all-encompassing and uncompromising hit on the singular, monstrous living symbol of fascism: the Red Skull. Alongside our old friend Geraldo Borges, we’re taking this opportunity to tell a very different kind of team book. This is a whole new era for the Thunderbolts and it starts with a four-part espionage epic, an ever-shifting cast and a single overarching goal: to tear down a century of Nazi evil with justice like lightning.”

In this first page from the first issue, we see Barnes with Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, who is helping him run the new team, and Sharon Carter, who has agreed to join Bucky’s crusade…

Marvel’s Winter Soldier Leads the New Thunderbolts

Who is the Destroyer in the Thunderbolts?

During the battle with the Outer Circle, one of Captain America’s oldest friends, The Destroyer, died in battle. Sharon Carter has decided to take on the identity of the Destroyer, including his iconic skull mask, to become an active superhero for the first time (although, of course, she has done as much good as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent or as a freelance operative than most superheroes ever could). Here she is in action in her Destroyer costume…

The other members of the team include Black Widow, White Widow, Red Guardian, U.S. Agent and Shang-Chi. In this first look page, we see Barnes and the Red Guardian in action together. Note that this is the original Red Guardian, who was presumed dead for decades, before returning to life in one of Black Widow’s miniseries. Interestingly, the Red Guardian had a beard in the comics well before the Red Guardian debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a beard…

Interestingly, Black Widow is on the team, and Red Guardian was her husband, and the Winter Soldier was her longtime boyfriend, as well. One of the many interesting character interaction at the heart of this new series.

Thunderbolts #1 is set to debut on December 6.

Source: Marvel

 In a CBR exclusive first look from Marvel Comics, see the brand-new Thunderbolts team in action ahead of December’s Thunderbolts #1  Read More