In recent years, Marvel has been doing a number of interesting series that play on the concept of black and white comic book stories, with red thrown in to evoke blood. Characters like Wolverine, Carnage, and even Darth Vader, have gotten in on the trend over the years, and next month, Spider-Man will, as well, with a new series called Spider-Man: Black Suit and Blood, black and white (and red blood) stories featuring Spider-Man during his black suit era (both when he had an alien symbiote that he THOUGHT was a costume, and also in the following few years, where he wore a cloth version of the black costume).

Marvel has shared with CBR a first look at the three stories featured in the first issue of Spider-Man: Black Suit and Blood, featuring stories from two legendary former Spider-Man writers, J.M. DeMatteis and J. Michael Straczynski (imagine if they had a cover by J. Scott Campbell, as well).


Five Times the Venom Symbiote Tried to Re-Bond With Spider-Man

After Spider-Man was first able to rid himself of the symbiote that became Venom, the symbiote tried to get back together a bunch of times!

What iconic storyline does J.M. DeMatteis revisit in this series?

J.M. DeMatteis revisits his iconic story arc, “Kraven’s Last Hunt,” which ran in all three of the Spider-Man titles at the time for two months (Amazing Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, and Web of Spider-Man), something that was really novel at the time. Here, with artist Elena Casagrande, he revists a classic scene in the series, only giving a new perspective behind it.

Meanwhile, Alyssa Wong & Fran Galan examine the costume’s impact from the perspective of Mary Jane…

It was ultimately Venom tormenting Mary Jane that led to Spider-Man ditching his black costume for good (or as “for good” as anything change in comic books ever is), and returning to his classic red and blue costume, so it will be interesting to see the impact of the whole symbiote situation on Mary Jane.


Spider-Man: Peter Parker’s Bad Luck Saved Him From Two Deadly Villains

Two classic Marvel villains are the masterminds behind Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ new lives, but they won’t last long with the Parker luck.

What aspect of the symbiote is J. Michael Stracynski exploring?

J. Michael Straczynski is working with acclaimed artist, Sumit Kumar (known for his work with Ram V on These Savage Shores, and most recently, with Dan Watters on the Image series, The Six Fingers), to explore the concept of whether the symbiote left something of itself behind on Peter Parker from their time together, and perhaps that leftover piece is working like a time bomb now that might cause some terrible things for Peter.

Finally, Dustin Nguyen is writing and drawing a story where Spider-Man is hunted…but how can he hide when he is being hunted by…himself?!

Spider-Man: Black Suit and Blood #1 is due out on August 7th.

Source: Marvel

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