The entire Infinity Saga will be available on Disney+ starting November 3, allowing viewers to relive over a decade of Marvel films all in one place. Spider-Man: Far From Home will finally be released on Disney+ after a long wait due to licensing issues, as Sony still owns the rights to the character. The release of Far From Home on Disney+ signifies a hopeful future for the inclusion of the remaining MCU Spider-Man movies, despite ongoing negotiations between Marvel and Sony.

Over four years after it concluded, the MCU’s Infinity Saga will finally be available in totality on Disney+ come November 3. When it first launched in 2019, Disney+ was revolutionary for consolidating Disney’s extensive catalog of on one accessible platform, which included titles from its subsidiaries, notably Marvel. This meant that the same year the groundbreaking Infinity Saga came to an end, viewers would be able to relive its magic from the comfort of their own homes by having access to over a decade of films to enjoy all on one service. With the addition of Disney+ original MCU series, the service has only increased in importance for Marvel fans.

Though most of the films from the first three phases were readily accessible on Disney+, the MCU in its entirety was not immediately available to stream. For example, Marvel’s Netflix originals like Daredevil and Jessica Jones are MCU canon but weren’t available to stream on Disney+ until 2022. And though the X-Men made their MCU debut in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, only a handful of X-Men films are available to stream on the service. These content gaps, while significant, have little to no impact on the Infinity Saga’s storyline. But one beloved character’s movie absence was so significant, it left the Infinity Saga unfinished, until now.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Is Set To Put The Entire Infinity Saga On Disney+

Spider-Man: Far From Home will be available to stream on Disney+ come November 3, which means the complete Infinity Saga will finally be accessible on the platform. The release was announced on October 23 by Marvel’s official X (formerly Twitter) account. Far From Home, which tells the story of Peter Parker trying to adjust to a post-Iron Man world and understand his place in it, premiered in theaters in the summer of 2019, so this addition to Disney+’s MCU lineup is a long time coming. Far From Home is the final film to come out of Phase 3, and in the years since its debut, films from subsequent phases have continuously been added.

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Its absence becomes even more apparent when noting the fact that the next film in the MCU Spider-Man film series, Spider-Man: No Way Home, was released in 2021 to global success. No Way Home’s Peter, who confidently makes decisions without Tony Stark is a far cry from Far From Home’s Peter. Far From Home importantly ends on a note of uncertainty and trepidation to demonstrate that, though the Infinity Saga is over, with tragic deaths like those of Natasha Romanoff and Tony giving the MCU a distinct finality it hadn’t experienced yet, the franchise would still carry on, with young and fresh heroes set to have their stories told.

Why Spider-Man: Far From Home Releases On Disney+ So Much Later Than Its Release

The reason why it took Far From Home so long to finally be released on Disney+ is the same as why it took so long for Spider-Man to become MCU canon initially: it’s all a licensing issue. Marvel still does not own the rights to Spider-Man, Sony does, granting the latter studio control over when and where the beloved web-slinger shows up. Though Far From Home is MCU canon, it is still a Sony film, only existing in the franchise due to a partnership the studio has with Marvel. This has led to both studios negotiating individual deals about where to release Spider-Man movies, delaying their addition to Disney+.

Sony has slowly been granting Disney+ more access to its titles, however, most clearly demonstrated when Sam Raimi’s and Marc Webb’s Spider-Man films were added to the platform early this year, signaling a hopeful future for the remaining MCU Spider-Man movies. As Sony still has streaming deals with other streaming platforms like Netflix, this will continue to place significant delays in the incorporation of Spider-Man as a whole into Disney+’s Marvel consolidation, especially as Sony continues to fight to maintain autonomy over the character. But Far From Home’s release is a further great sign that audiences will soon have access to a consolidated and easily accessible MCU on Disney+.

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