Fantastic Four reboot rumors are in the air and fans are curious to know which actor is going to play who and it has sparked an online discussion. But following the recent claims, many actors are in the game to be featured in the MCU movie.

Fantastic Four Reboot

Superhero movies have to have amazing villains, the casting of the villains is as crucial as the heroes. Fantastic Four has reportedly featured some wonderful villainous characters and the cast of these villains are as interesting as Vanessa Kirby being Susan Storm.

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Race-Bending Latino Villain in Fantastic Four

Galactus could be played by a Latino actor in Fantastic Four Reboot

The hype of the Disney movie is on the top of the ladder as the rumored casting updates roll out. In a recent episode of John Rocha’s The Hot Mic Show podcast, scooper Jeff Sneider claimed that a Latino actor will play Galactus in the Fantastic Four reboot. “The main villain is Galactus and I’m told that Galactus will be Latino,” Sneider told Rocha in the show.

It would be race-bending if the movie feature a Latino villain. Also, the appearance of the iconic and super-powerful MCU villain Galactus would be interesting to see. Sneider also affirmed that the movie will feature the archenemy of Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom. “But I, you know, do I think it’s possible Ebon Moss-Bachrach could be cast as Dr Doom,” Sneider said of Bachrach. “Um, but he’s only in you know in like the last at the end of the movie basically.” So, if his claims turn out to be true Dr Doom may appear in a potential sequel of the movie as the main villain. However, Sneider has a theory of his own regarding Ebon Moss-Bachrach’s potential role in the movie.

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Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Could Be The Silver Surfer

Ebon Moss-Bachrach is rumored to be in Fantastic Four Reboot

Following Sneider’s theory regarding Bachrach, the 46-year-old actor could be the Silver Surfer. “But here’s the possibility that I think that that exists with Ebon Moss-Bachrach okay what if he’s playing Silver Surfer?” Sneider asserts the possibility. “I think that that is perhaps more likely,” he added.

Joining the conversation, John Rocha nodded to the possibility of the actor playing Silver Surfer as he believed was more fitting. “We remember Silver Surfer for those who are Marvel Comics readers he is a tortured soul in service of Galactus,” Rocha said. “So Evan has played torture characters through a lot of his career,” he added.

“So that’s the second fit. Oh, that’s second-hand to him as an actor. So, that’s an interesting choice I would like to see that actually what a nice challenge for, for Ebon Moss-Bachrach. And clearly, if Silver Surfer is going to be a part of this, um, that’s gonna, uh, lead us to Galactus which will make it, this film a massive film at this point if you’re talking Fantastic Four.”

Despite the hot discussion on the Fantastic Four casting going online after the podcast, there is no official confirmation from Marvel Studios supporting or declining the claims.

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 Fantastic Four may include a Latino actor as the iconic MCU villain, Galactus. As per rumors, the movie will also feature Dr Doom.  Read More