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Though Daredevil is traditionally known for his red costume, he’s worn a few other looks over the years. Now his most infamous look is back in a new lost years story.

Daredevil’s always been a high-profile character, though his successful MCU and Netflix jaunts definitely helped raise his star. Much like other heroes, he’s gone through a number of eras that define him in the eyes of readers.

Whether it be becoming the ninja leader of The Fist or being possessed by the supernatural Beast, Daredevil has had some of Marvel‘s most unique changes over the year, but he spent most of it in his trademark red costume. A brief spell in the ’90s changed that, though.

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Now Marvel has announced it is revisiting that era in Daredevil: Black Armor. Announced at San Diego Comic-Con, the four-issue limited series brings Ol’ Hornhead’s classic creative team for a run in what many consider to be Daredevil’s worst look.

The infamous black armor debuted in Daredevil #321. Facing off against the Wild Pack, Daredevil decided he needed to have tougher protection. He ditched his familiar red outfit and replaced it with a black and red suit with armor plating.

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Marvel ComicsDaredevil: Black Armor #1 cover art
Marvel ComicsDaredevil: Black Armor variant cover by God of War art director Rafael Grassetti.

Though he didn’t wear the suit long, it wasn’t a look fans cared much for. The suit was ridiculed by fans and became something of a running joke in publications like Wizard for years. Daredevil would soon ditch the armored costume and return to his classic outfit.

The armored costume never reappeared in the main series, though DD would change his look a few times over the years. In Black Armor, D.G. Chicester returns to tell a new story from the time period. This time, Daredevil is up against Marvel’s deadliest foes, and Chicester explained to Marvel that he couldn’t be happier to be undertaking it.

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“Returning to Matt and Daredevil and that costume where I left them — as the writer I am now — has been an amazing experience,” he said. “It’s knowing how to jump off a rooftop — but accepting the challenge that you don’t always know where you’re going to land. I hope fans of my Fall From Grace and Fall of the Kingpin stories find more to enjoy in my take on hyper senses and heightened action — especially seen in an entirely new way thanks to the dynamite art and visual storytelling of Netho Diaz and JP Mayer.”

Daredevil: Black Armor #1 releases November 22.

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 Daredevil is traditionally known for his red costume, but he’s had a few other looks over the years. Now his most infamous look is back.  Read More