Scarlett Johansson has been producing a secret project for Marvel Studios following Black Widow’s departure from the MCU.
Recent speculation has suggested that Johansson’s project could be focused on Marvel Comics’ Blonde Phantom.
Actors including Emily Blunt, Sophie Turner, Millie Bobby Brown, Blake Lively, and Margot Robbie, among others, would be perfect at bringing the Blonde Phantom into live-action.

Recent speculation has suggested that Scarlett Johansson’s secret Marvel Cinematic Universe project could introduce the Blonde Phantom, and there are many talented actors who could bring the classic Marvel Comics hero to life. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige first teased Scarlett Johansson’s return to the MCU as a producer in 2021, shortly after the release of Black Widow and the settlement of Johansson’s infamous legal battle with Disney. Speaking to Comicbook.com in 2023, Johansson confirmed her MCU project is “still happening,” though it’s still unclear what project this might be.

It is still happening. Yes. It is still happening, [but] not currently because nothing is happening right now. We’re all sort of in this holding pattern as we wait out the writers’ strike and potentially our own guild strike, and so on and so forth… Right before the strike, we were in the middle of developing it, and now everything is at a simmer.

Following 2023’s WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, work presumably restarted on Scarlett Johansson’s mysterious MCU project, with recent speculation hinting at this marking the Blonde Phantom’s MCU debut. A classic female hero from 1946’s All Select Comics #11, Louise Grant Mason’s Blonde Phantom would be a formidable addition to the MCU, predating most of the heroes already adapted into live-action. This, of course, hasn’t been officially confirmed, but there are many brilliant actors who could potentially bring the Blonde Phantom into live-action for the first time in history.


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10 Taylor Swift Has Been Heavily Rumored For An MCU Role

Valentine’s Day (2010), Cats (2019), Amsterdam (2022)

Pop icon Taylor Swift has been long-rumored to be joining the MCU, with the most recent theories placing her as Lady Deadpool in the upcoming Deadpool & Wolverine. Director Shawn Levy recently confirmed Taylor Swift will not be Lady Deadpool, which frees her up to potentially debut as the Blonde Phantom instead. After achieving international acclaim as a singer, Swift has been breaking into acting with recent roles in New Girl, Cats, and Amsterdam, and though she doesn’t have much acting experience, Taylor Swift would be a huge draw for the MCU.

Taylor Swift being cast as the Blonde Phantom would garner an instant and massive audience for the little-known Marvel hero. Swift would be great at balancing the innocent and approachable Louise Mason in her civilian identity, as well as delivering the more action-based persona of the badass Blonde Phantom. However, given her hectic performing schedule, it’s unlikely Swift would want to claim a long-running role in the MCU, and the Blonde Phantom could certainly stick around for many years.


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9 Emily Blunt Missed Out On Scarlett Johansson’s Own MCU Role

The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Edge Of Tomorrow (2014), A Quiet Place (2018)

Emily Blunt has recently been on record claiming her avoidance of a role in a superhero franchise is a “badge of honor” for her (via X). However, Blunt was one of several actors in the running to play Natasha Romanoff’s Black Widow back in 2010’s Iron Man 2, but couldn’t take the part due to her contractual obligations elsewhere. Her previous open-mindedness at appearing in the MCU may have dwindled over the years, but Blunt’s remarkable career may have perfectly primed her to become the Blonde Phantom.

Emily Blunt’s acting range is second-to-none, having appeared in comedies, dramas, thrillers, and action movies. Most notably, the likes of A Quiet Place, Edge of Tomorrow, and Jungle Cruise may have proven how brilliant she could be in the MCU. At 41-years-old, Blunt would be able to deliver a more seasoned iteration of the Blonde Phantom, with this confidence introducing a strong and fearless new female hero into the MCU. Blunt’s “badge of honor” comment suggests she may not claim a role in the MCU after all, but this casting would, nevertheless, be inspired.

Emily Blunt’s husband, John Krasinski, previously appeared as Earth-838’s Reed Richards, a.k.a. Mister Fantastic, in 2022’s
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
, while Blunt herself was fan-cast as Sue Storm’s Invisible Woman.

8 Rebecca Rittenhouse Was Previously Considered For Another Marvel Role

The Mindy Project (2016), Unfriended: Dark Web (2018), Maggie (2022)

As a lesser-known actor than many who could portray the Blonde Phantom, Rebecca Rittenhouse would fit Marvel Studios’ trend of forging unknown actors into household names. Best known for her roles in Blood & Oil, The Mindy Project, and Maggie, Rittenhouse is adept at delivering drama and comedy, which would work perfectly for the Blonde Phantom as a lower-level hero. Rittenhouse’s unassuming appearance would benefit the Blonde Phantom’s balance of heroism and civilian life, similarly to that of Clark Kent’s Superman.

Casting Rebecca Rittenhouse in the MCU wouldn’t be the first time the actor had vied for a Marvel role. She was previously considered for the role of Vanessa in 2016’s Deadpool, which eventually went to Morena Baccarin. Rittenhouse would be a much better fit for the MCU’s Blonde Phantom, particularly under the guidance of Scarlett Johansson. Rittenhouse has previously been fan-cast as Julia Carpenter’s Spider-Woman for the MCU, but it would be great to see her become the detective/vigilante Louise Mason instead.

7 Sophie Turner Could Make The Move To The MCU After Her Role In The X-Men Franchise

Game Of Thrones (2011), Dark Phoenix (2019), Joan (2024)

Sophie Turner is no stranger to the world of Marvel, having portrayed Jean Grey in Fox’s X-Men franchise from 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse to 2019’s Dark Phoenix. This role didn’t give her a chance to really push herself, however, as neither of the X-Men appearances were really well-received. Casting Turner as the Blonde Phantom in the MCU could revitalize her superhero career, and give her the chance to give a more complex, layered, and relatable performance as Louise Grant Mason.

Sophie Turner’s X-Men Appearances



X-Men: Apocalypse


Jean Grey

Dark Phoenix


Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix

Outside Fox’s X-Men franchise, Sophie Turner has proven her salt in dramas and thrillers, including Game of Thrones, Do Revenge, The Staircase, and Joan. The latter will see her portray notorious jewel thief Joan Hannington, a mother who becomes a criminal mastermind in 1980s London, the perfect antithesis to the Blonde Phantom. Hannington’s class, intellect, and sophistication would translate beautifully into the Blonde Phantom, making Sophie Turner perhaps the perfect choice for the secretary-turned-hero.


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Girl, Interrupted (1999), The Handmaid’s Tale (2017), Us (2019)

It’s a wonder why acclaimed actor Elisabeth Moss hasn’t already assumed a role in a superhero franchise, as she has been involved in some of the most popular TV shows in the last two decades. With roles in The West Wing, Mad Men, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Shining Girls under her belt, Moss is adept at portraying powerful and confident women, which would benefit the MCU’s Blonde Phantom hugely. Moss has also received acclaim for her film roles, which have seen her star alongside a number of MCU veterans, including Tom Hiddleston, Robert Redford, and Lupita Nyong’o.

The Blonde Phantom simply wants to do good, even if she is ill-prepared.

Elisabeth Moss often takes on complex characters, but does a fantastic job at making them palatable for audiences. She could put these skills to the test with the Blonde Phantom, who constantly tries to strike the balance between being a civilian and a hero, despite having no superhuman abilities to speak of. The Blonde Phantom simply wants to do good, even if she is ill-prepared. As a self-proclaimed feminist, Elisabeth Moss would be a brilliant choice for the Blonde Phantom, who paved the way for many of Marvel’s subsequent female heroes.

5 Hayden Panettiere Has Previously Played A Superpowered Hero

Heroes (2006), Nashville (2012), Scream VI (2023)

Best known for her starring roles in Heroes and Nashville, Hayden Panettiere has all but faded into obscurity in recent years, most likely in response to a series of personal difficulties. With recent roles in 2022’s Scream and its 2023 sequel, and the upcoming Amber Alert, however, Panettiere is ready to get back on the horse, which she confirmed in a 2023 article by The New York Times. Casting Hayden Panettiere as the Blonde Phantom in the MCU may be the best chance to give the actor a much-needed boost.

In Heroes, Panettiere portrayed cheerleader Claire Bennett, whose regenerative ability made her a powerful hero. While the Blonde Phantom doesn’t have any innate superhuman gifts, her skilled athleticism and hand-to-hand combat experience would make her a great choice for Panettiere. Fans of Heroes would surely love to see Panettiere back in action as a superhero, and Panettiere’s own personal experiences could inform her delivery of the strong female role model.

4 Millie Bobby Brown Could Become The Blonde Phantom After Stranger Things Comes To An End

Stranger Things (2016), Godzilla: King Of The Monsters (2019), Enola Holmes (2020)

After gaining international acclaim as Eleven in Netflix’s Stranger Things, it seems to be only a matter of time before Millie Bobby Brown is cast in the MCU. Brown previously auditioned for the role of Laura, a.k.a. X-23, in Logan, part of Fox’s X-Men franchise, but lost the role to Dafne Keen. Instead, the now-slightly-older Brown would be a strong choice for an ingenue Louise Grant Mason in the MCU. Brown’s apparent love for action roles makes her perfect for the Blonde Phantom, which would be a very physically demanding role for any actor.


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With Stranger Things coming to an end after its upcoming fifth season, now may be the perfect time for Millie Bobby Brown to make the move to the MCU. She was previously speculated to have a role in Eternals, and has been a popular fan-cast for X-Men’s Kitty Pryde. Nevertheless, Brown could bring a youthful energy to the Blonde Phantom, and would be able to accomplish some of the impressive physical feats that older candidates may not. Brown could set herself up for a bright and lengthy future in the MCU in the role of the Blonde Phantom.

3 Blake Lively Could Follow In Her Husband’s Footsteps As A Powerful MCU Hero

Gossip Girl (2007), The Shallows (2016), A Simple Favor (2018)

Along with Taylor Swift, Blake Lively has also been a popular fan-cast for Deadpool & Wolverine’s Lady Deadpool. While it would be great to see Lively portray the female version of her husband’s iconic Merc with a Mouth, this would be a relatively small role for the talented actor. Instead, Lively would be better suited for the Blonde Phantom, opening her up for a more action-packed and long-running role in the MCU. This could see her star opposite Ryan Reynolds for several years to come, since he is making the move to the MCU permanently.

Since meeting Reynolds in 2011’s reviled Green Lantern, Lively has gone on to star in psychological dramas, thrillers, and action movies a-plenty. These roles, in projects such as All I See Is You, A Simple Favor, and The Shallows, have set her up for the role of the Blonde Phantom perfectly. Lively’s beauty, sophistication, and full commitment to action sequences are all qualities that the Blonde Phantom needs in the MCU, so she would be an inspired choice for the lead in Scarlett Johansson’s speculated Marvel project.

Blake Lively’s husband, Ryan Reynolds, has portrayed Wade Wilson’s Deadpool in live-action in 2009’s
X-Men Origins: Wolverine,
, 2018’s
Deadpool 2
, and 2024’s upcoming
Deadpool & Wolverine

2 Sydney Sweeney Deserves Superhero Redemption After Madame Web

Euphoria (2019), Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019), Madame Web (2024)

After gaining widespread recognition for her role of Cassie Howard in Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney has gone from strength to strength. Unfortunately, her recent superhero debut in 2024’s Madame Web did not mark one of these strengths, but this has prompted Sweeney to be fan-cast in a variety of other Marvel roles that could offer her redemption. One of these possible options could be the Blonde Phantom in the MCU, with her previous dramatic, seductive, and powerful roles proving she has the acting chops to pull off such a strong character.


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This would be a far cry from the whiny and timid Julia Cornwall in Madame Web, but may be the perfect role for Sydney Sweeney. She has proven capable of portraying more reserved and quiet characters, which Louise Mason is depicted as in her civilian persona, but also more action-based and full-throttle characters, such is the Blonde Phantom. Madame Web may have been a disappointing introduction for Sweeney to the world of superheroes, but she could really come into her own as the MCU’s Blonde Phantom.

1 Margot Robbie Would Make An Excellent Blonde Phantom

The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013), Mary Queen Of Scots (2018), Barbie (2023)

Margot Robbie has become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood since her 2013 performances in About Time and The Wolf of Wall Street. Major roles in I, Tonya, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Mary Queen of Scots, and Barbie have cemented her as a huge box office draw and supreme talent in the industry, and this success hasn’t stopped her from being drawn to a superhero franchise either. Robbie starred as Harley Quinn in the DCEU, so making the move to the MCU could be a natural step for the critically-acclaimed actor.

Margot Robbie was previously fan-cast as Sue Storm for the MCU’s The Fantastic Four, but after Vanessa Kirby snatched up that coveted role, Robbie could appear as the Blonde Phantom instead. Robbie’s acting range is remarkable, so she would be able to deliver all the nuances and intricate personality traits of Louise Mason, whose double life often causes her problems. Margot Robbie and Scarlett Johansson starred alongside each other in Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City, so they could reunite if Robbie stars in Johansson’s possible Blonde Phantom project in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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