Blade’s live-action nemesis should be Varnae, not Dracula, as he poses a bigger threat, as seen in
Blood Hunt
Varnae, Earth’s first vampire, has regained control of Blade to become the ultimate vampire.
Varnae’s ambition surpasses Dracula’s, making him a worthy foe of the MCU’s high standards.

Warning: contains spoilers for Blood Hunt #4!

Blade is on his way to the MCU, and a recent Blood Hunt plot twist shows just who his perfect live-action nemesis should be, and it is not Dracula. While the Lord of Vampires may seem the logical choice for Blade’s big-screen nemesis, a huge twist in Blood Hunt #4 seems to say otherwise. While Dracula would be a formidable foe for Blade, one vampire poses an even bigger threat.

Blood Hunt #4 is written by Jed MacKay and drawn by Pepe Larraz. Blade seemingly turned his back on his former friends by leading the vampires in their crusade against Earth. However, Blood Hunt #4 reveals that, unsurprisingly, Blade has been possessed by Varnae, Earth’s first vampire. Varnae attempted to condition Blade to be a host years prior, but that attempt failed.

Somehow, Varnae has regained control of Blade and is using him to further his goal: to become the ultimate vampire, capable of destroying planets.

Blade Was Marvel’s First Vampire Hunter–And Their First Movie Star

Blade Has Great Villains, and He Needs One Worthy of the MCU

Vampires joined the Marvel Universe with 1972’s Tomb of Dracula #1 and Blade arrived shortly thereafter to hunt them. Blade’s mother was bitten by a vampire while pregnant with him, giving him a physiology prime for hunting vampires. Blade broke through to the mainstream in a live-action film starring Wesley Snipes as the titular hero. The film was a success and spawned two sequels. Marvel Studios reacquired the rights to Blade several years ago, and a new movie, starring Mahershala Ali in the role, is planned for a 2025 release.

While Frost would make a decent villain for the MCU reboot, someone with more heft is preferable, to communicate how high the stakes are.

Details about the MCU’s forthcoming Blade reboot have been scarce, and the film has suffered several unfortunate setbacks in terms of the script. Fans have speculated on whom the film’s potential villain could be. Previous Blade films saw him take on Deacon Frost and other minor-league vampires. While Frost would make a decent villain for the MCU reboot, someone with more heft is preferable, to communicate how high the stakes are. Dracula would fit this bill perfectly. There have been vague rumors that Dracula was on his way to the MCU, and Blade would be perfect for his debut.


Marvel Settles Blade vs Dracula (And It’s Not Close)

Dracula and Blade have tangled numerous times over the years, but now Marvel has seemingly settled who is the better fighter of the two.

Varnae Has Enormous Potential as Blade’s MCU Nemesis

Varnae Is Aiming Higher Than Dracula Ever Did

Yet, Blood Hunt #4 shows that fans should not discount Varnae as a potential villain for Blade’s MCU debut. Varnae manages to accomplish something that Deacon Frost, Dracula and the rest have failed to do: bring Blade under their control. Varnae’s plans are as equally ambitious as Dracula’s, if not more so. Dracula seeks power, but Varnae desires something the Lord of Vampires can only dream of. Varnae’s status as the first vampire elevates him further. Blade will need a foe worthy of the MCU’s high standards, and the producers need look no further than Varnae.

Blood Hunt #4 is on sale now from Marvel Comics!

Blood Hunt #4 (2024)

Writer: Jed MacKay Artist: Pepe Larraz Colorist: Marte Garcia Letterer: Cory Petit Cover Artist: Pepe Larraz & Marte Garcia

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