Published August 31, 2023

Get the gang together and prepare for the heist of a lifetime. The newest leader of Secret Defenders is none other than your favorite cat burglar!

MARVEL Strike Force has seen its share of heroes and villains, but never a leader like this one!

Landing on her feet in battle is a Legend that you definitely don’t want to cross paths with: Black Cat! This infamous feline felon will be leading the newly formed Secret Defenders, who will be kings of the Arena jungle when their team is fully formed. Joining Black Cat will be newcomers Photon, Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), and Ghost Rider (Robbie), with Doctor Strange getting upgraded to bring his battlefield magic to the team. Your first shot at recruiting Black Cat will be during her Trials Event where you can earn her character shards.

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The daughter of a world-renowned cat burglar, Felicia Hardy followed in her father’s footsteps, adopting the name Black Cat and becoming an international thief. She’s an accomplished gymnast, a deadly fighter, and has been outfitted with technology to cause “bad luck” for anyone nearby. Black Cat has danced the line of hero and villain throughout her career, partnering with the likes of Spider-Man on some occasions and leading crime rings on others.

Black Cat is the Legendary Brawler for the Secret Defenders. She specializes in pilfering positive effects and Speed Bar from enemies and then ripping them to shreds with her razor sharp attacks that dig in deep for Piercing Damage. After stealing positive effects and doing damage, Black Cat leaves the scene of her attack with the target holding her previously owned negative effects. Black Cat also features Awakened Abilities that give her team a big boost in mirror matches in Arena.

Traits: Villain, City, Skill, Brawler, Spider-Verse, Secret Defender, Legendary

Black Cat Trials

Get the gang together and prepare for the heist of a lifetime. Commanders level 50 and above will get their first chance to recruit the keystone leader of the Secret Defenders team, Black Cat, and snatch victory from your opponents’ grasps.

Similar to the Horsemen Scourges and Nova Trials, this event will require you to deploy squads across ten mission nodes to earn a run score. You can unlock a 3-Yellow Star Black Cat during the event through the milestone rewards with a Run Score of 600k points. Commanders that fall short of this mark can still unlock Black Cat with a Run Score of 450k points by earning additional character shards through the Rank Rewards with a minimum leaderboard score of 400k, which will be delivered following the conclusion of the event. Players with especially strong rosters can earn a 4-Yellow Black Cat with a Run Score of 2.2M points and all players will be able to earn these rewards again in subsequent runs of the Black Cat Trials Event in the future to turn the sassy cat burglar’s power up to 11.

We will have special rewards for the first run of this event, so review the details below and prepare your roster now so that you don’t miss out on your opportunity to earn prizes during the event.

Run Scores

Clear all 10 nodes and earn the most points possible towards your Run Score. You’ll have unlimited Run Score attempts, and a Run can be canceled and restarted at any time with no penalty, so go for the highest score possible by attempting multiple runs.

Difficulties and Pacts

Customize your runs by selecting a Difficulty from 1-10. Higher Run Difficulties will narrow the character traits you can use, but they’ll reward more points. You can also earn additional points by activating Pacts, which can bolster enemies or hinder your teams.

Nodes 2, 6, and 10 for Difficulties 5 and above will require your choice of the following character teams:

Sinister Six

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 Get the gang together and prepare for the heist of a lifetime. The newest leader of Secret Defenders is none other than your favorite cat burglar!  Read More