MARVEL Strike Force fans are receiving a legendary new leader for the Secret Defenders.

After welcoming countless heroes and villains into the gaming world since its launch, the mobile game is finally ready to introduce the enigmatic cat burglar, Black Cat. The popular felon will be taking over the Secret Defenders, to dominate the Arena. The game will also be featuring an upgraded Doctor Strange with enhanced mythical powers.

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Players will get the opportunity to add Black Cat to their team early during a trial event, where they can earn her character shards and unlock her abilities. Commanders at level 50 and above will soon have the chance to recruit Black Cat and snatch victory from the clutches of their opponents. Similar to the Horsemen Scourges and Nova Trials, the event will task the players with select squads for ten distinct challenging missions, in order to earn a run score. By achieving a score of 600k points, they can unlock a 3-Yellow Star Black Cat through milestone rewards.

For commanders who fall short of this mark, Black Cat can still be unlocked with a Run Score of 450k points by earning additional character shards through Rank Rewards, if they maintain a minimum leaderboard score of 400k. These rewards will be distributed at the conclusion of the event. Commanders with particularly strong squads can aim for a 4-Yellow Black Cat with a run score of 2.2M points. All players will have the opportunity to earn these rewards again in subsequent runs of the Black Cat event, hence, unleashing the full potential of the character.

On completing all ten nodes and receiving the most points possible, players will have unlimited run score attempts, and the opportunity to cancel and restart a run at any time with no penalty. Players can select a Difficulty level ranging from 1 to 10. Higher run difficulties limit the character choices but offer greater point rewards. Additionally, they can also boost points by activating Pacts, which can either empower the opponents or hinder their own teams.

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Black Cat is the legendary brawler of the Secret Defenders. Her expertise lies in stealing positive effects and speed bars from her enemies, followed by unleashing devastating piercing damage with her razor-sharp attacks. After stealing positive effects and healing her injuries, Black Cat departs the battlefield, leaving her foes dealing with the negative effects she once owned. Moreover, Black Cat also has awakened abilities that provide her team members with an advantage in mirror matches within the arena. Also joining Black Cat in the game are Photon, Ms. Marvel (Hard Light), and Ghost Rider (Robbie).

Introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man comic series, Felicia Hardy follows in her father Walter’s footsteps as she adopts the alias Black Cat and establishes herself as an international thief. Black Cat is an agile gymnast, having trained in lethal combat, and possessing advanced technology that can bring “bad luck” to anyone who crosses her path. Throughout her career, Black Cat has shifted from being a hero to a villain, sometimes partnering with the likes of Spider-Man.

MARVEL Strike Force is available to download in the Google Play Store on Android and App Store on IOS.

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 Black Cat aka Felicia Hardy claws her way into the game MARVEL Strike Force as the leader of the Secret Defenders.  Read More