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<p data-cy="Paragraph" data-experiment=" Legion ” class=”text-neutral-grey w-full mb-4 text-body-1 font-body dark:text-neutral-white”>Marvel Snap is introducing Alioth, a card that immediately emerges as one of the most destructive in the game. Here’s our comprehensive guide to Alioth, including the best decks.

Alioth is one of the most-hyped Spotlight Cache cards in a while, with many players left wondering how to utilize the card’s control and destroy features in the best possible way. Whether paired with Galactus, Kang, or simply in a control deck, players have various ways to use Alioth in the game.

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Alioth is a Series 5 card that will cost 6,000 tokens or, alternatively, can be unlocked via Spotlight Caches starting on September 12.

Let’s break down Alioth’s ability in Marvel Snap, focusing on synergies and weaknesses before later sharing the Alioth decks with the most potential.

Second Dinner

Alioth is a 6-cost, 5-power card in Marvel Snap with an On Reveal ability: A 6-cost, 5-power card with an On Reveal effect: Destroy ALL enemy cards played here this turn (including unrevealed cards).

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With its ability to destroy cards based on its positioning and the opponent’s play, Alioth introduces new destructive potential for players who can anticipate their opponent’s moves.

It synergizes well with many cards, such as Galactus, Wave, and Kang, making it adaptable to various deck builds. Especially in the final turns, Alioth can tilt the game in the player’s favor. Aloith can also help players establish a checkmate scenario, ensuring a win if certain conditions are met.

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However, Alioth presents challenges. Players must strategically choose the correct lane for optimal impact. Its power-to-cost ratio suggests it could struggle against other 6-cost cards if the On Reveal effect does not activate. Cards like Cosmo and Professor X can negate Alioth’s effect, so players must be wary of their opponent’s deck and potential counters.

Crafting a deck around Alioth requires a keen understanding of its mechanics and predicting the opponent’s strategy. At the moment, it seems like Alioth is best suited to Control and Galactus decks. Here are top-tier Alioth decks you need to know:

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Jeff the Baby Land Shark
Devil Dinosaur
Arnim Zola
Doctor Doom

The resurgence of Sandman ramp decks is attributed to the controversially strong Loki card. Loki’s ability to replace your hand with discounted opponent cards allows players to dominate the board on Turn 6.

However, Sandman’s Ongoing ability restricts players to one card each turn, neutralizing Loki’s advantage. This deck thrives in the current meta, and Alioth’s inclusion fortifies its position against opponents who have been limited to a single play in the later turns.

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