With Secret Invasion setting up Rhodey’s next outing perfectly, the Armor Wars release date is hotly anticipated. In the film, Rhodey will deal with the aftermath of Stark tech falling into the wrong hands. But the plot thickens even further as Rhodey was recently revealed to be a Skrull. So, Armor Wars has become an even more anticipated movie for the fans. But when will it be released?

Here’s all the Armor Wars release date information we know so far, and all the details on when it is coming out.

The Armor Wars release date is predicted to arrive sometime in 2026.

In the past, Disney had reserved July 25, 2025, and November 7, 2025, for untitled Marvel movies, and one of those dates was expected to be assigned to Armor Wars. But recently, Disney removed both those dates to make room for Blade and Spider-Man 4 to come out in 2025 along with Fantastic Four.

So, with MCU’s recent delays, and Marvel returning to its 3 films per-year release pattern, Armor Wars has seemingly been postponed as well. The following slate shows the upcoming MCU’s release schedule for Phase 5 and Phase 6:

Phase 5 movies with confirmed release dates

The Marvels – November 10, 2023
Deadpool 3 – May 3, 2024
Captain America: Brave New World – July 26, 2024
Thunderbolts – December 20, 2024
Blade – February 14, 2025

Phase 6 movies with confirmed release dates

Fantastic Four – May 2, 2025
Spider-Man 4 – June 27, 2025 (as Sony recently booked the date for a Marvel movie)
Avengers: The Kang Dynasty – May 1, 2026
Avengers: Secret Wars – May 7, 2027

Marvel Studios usually releases its movies in February, May, July, and/or November every year. But since we’re supposed to get The Kang Dynasty in May 2026, it’s likely that Armor Wars will get a February 2026 release date, and it will directly lead us into the Avengers movie. If not that, then it could arrive in July or November 2026.

ComingSoon will update this story once we get official details.

The Armor Wars movie is based on a comic storyline of the same name written by Warren Ellis. In it, Tony found out that his tech had been stolen by someone and sold to supervillains. So, he dealt with the situation by retrieving or destroying the stolen tech.

But in the MCU, it will be James Rhodes who will handle a similar situation. After his Skrull impostor, Rava possibly caused Stark tech to fall into the wrong hands, it will be up to Rhodey to prevent its misuse in Armor Wars.

Armor Wars is expected to come out in the theaters.

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