Andrew Garfield teased what the future holds for his Spider-Man amid viral calls for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to be made.

Garfield may have two of the three lowest-rated Spider-Man movies on Rotten Tomatoes, but his Amazing Spider-Man got a reinvigorated dose of popularity amid his Multiversal return in No Way Home.

The Spider-Man crossover event even spawned a viral campaign to resurrect the canceled The Amazing Spider-Man 3, with Sony having originally opted to abandon the movie in favor of a team-up with Marvel Studios.

Andrew Garfield Teases His Spider-Man’s Future

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In the official art book of Spider-Man: No Way Home – via Spider-Man News – The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield teased what happened to Peter 3 after the Multiversal movie and what the future may hold for him.

The British actor explained how the events of No Way Home have “changed [the] life” of his Peter Parker and left him “re-inspired” as a hero:

“It’s changed his life. He’s going back knowing that he has brothers. He’s going back in re-inspired to follow his destiny, his calling – the purpose of his life. By catching MJ, he got to make up for a terrible tragedy that he tried to avoid in his world.”

Peter 3 was left “incredibly reinvigorated” with his “mind blown” as he headed back to his universe, with Garfield also explaining the importance of him getting to save Zendaya’s MJ from falling to her death from atop the Statue of Liberty:

“If he hadn’t been in Peter 1’s world, then it’s possible MJ may have met the same fate as Gwen. His presence was a purpose presence in that regard. And I think he’s going back with a mind blown about the cosmos and the universe and string theory and multiple dimensionality. He’s going back incredibly reinvigorated.”

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Teasing what the future may hold, Garfield was clear “the story never ends,” regardless of whether it actually makes it to screens:

“The story never ends, whether we film it or not. There’s a story happening in a universe somewhere. There’s endless potential with this character and all the different iterations. So, yeah, he’s definitely out there doing something.”

He explained why he feels his “suit is the best,” noting the eyes and its practicality, but he was clear “none of the suits are that much fun to wear:”

“The eyes of mine are definitely the best. The eye shape is just the most open and friendly and, I don’t know, sweet. I would also say, just practically, my suit is the best because I have zippers on my wrists so that I can get my hands out. You get more breaks. But none of the suits are that much fun to wear – they’re all kind of impossible.”

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Speaking previously on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confusedpodcast, Garfield was clear he is “definitely open” to coming back again if it was “something very unique [and] very special” with a purpose for the audience and character.

Will Sony Ever Make The Amazing Spider-Man 3?

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After fans fell in love with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man once again with No Way Home, calls were reinvigorated to resurrect the once-planned The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Spider-Man 4 to continue the tales of the two past wall-crawlers.

Garfield stated last March he had “no update” on The Amazing Spider-Man 3, having also confirmed in February there are “no plans” for his future. However, in both cases, the star pointed out how he has become “the boy who cried wolf” after he lied to questions about his potential return in No Way Home.

There has been no indication of any future plans to bring back Garfield as Spider-Man for a third solo outing, Avengers: Secret Wars, or any future projects. But the actor did call a possible crossover with Tom Hardy’s Venom a “cool idea,”so maybe he could return in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.

The studio is currently busy developing Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4, the third animated Spider-Verse, and a host of wall-crawler villain spin-off movies. So far, that spin-off universe has struggled to pick up steam, which, if that were to continue, may eventually prompt Sony to take other approaches to capitalize on its Marvel IP.

With Holland’s Spider-Man set to continue alongside the animated Spider-Verse and seemingly a live-action Miles Morales, Sony clearly isn’t opposed to having multiple webheads on the go at once. Maybe it will one day be up to revisiting Garfield’s Spider-Man in a bigger capacity.

After all, just as the actor himself stated, No Way Home set up an intriguing next chapter for the wall-crawler with his days where he “stopped pulling [his] punches” behind him, now ready to go back to being his old self.

The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are streaming now on Disney+.

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