Last month, Marvel’s Voices reached its 100th Infinity Comic issue and marked the milestone with a brand-new hero: Justin Jin, a.k.a. Kid Juggernaut!

After his explosive and unstoppable debut, Kid Juggernaut is joining a new team and a new adventure in AVENGERS ACADEMY: MARVEL’S VOICES, a new ongoing weekly Infinity Comic series written by Anthony Oliveira and drawn by Carola Borelli, Bailie Rosenlund, and guest artists. The first issue is available now, exclusively on Marvel Unlimited.

After being individually recruited during the most recent “Unlike Any Other” arc of the Marvel’s Voices series, AVENGERS ACADEMY: MARVEL’S VOICES will bring together some of the world’s brightest teen heroes to learn from and train with the best of the best. The Academy’s first recruits include:

Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, the dynamic duo of Inhuman super genius Lunella Lafayette and her psychically bonded Jurassic giant Red Goblin, the grandson of Norman Osborn, Normie Osborn, bonded with the unpredictable newborn symbiote Rascal Bloodline, Daughter of Blade, the Daywalker Brielle Brooks who inherited vampiric super powers, currently in the middle of Marvel’s blockbuster summer comic book event, Blood Hunt Captain America of the Railways, Aaron Fischer, a protector of fellow runaways who first appeared in United States of Captain America and recently headlined his own Infinity Comic series Escapade, Shela Sexton, the breakout mutant hero who first debuted in Marvel’s Voices: Pride and went on to battle alongside the New Mutants Kid Juggernaut, Justin Jin, the avatar of the demon Cyttorak who also recently headlined his own Infinity Comic series Kid Juggernaut: Marvel’s Voices, which just wrapped up last week!

The next generation of heroes is on the rise…but what they become—and what they will face—will shock you. School’s now in session—and already under attack!


Written by Anthony Oliveira Art by Carola Borelli

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All-New Ongoing Weekly Infinity Comic Marvel Voices: Avengers Academy Now Availible


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