Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 introduces the ability to switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales while free-roaming, each with their own unique abilities and sets of gadgets. The game features an expanded version of New York City, including the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, doubling the size of the previous games’ map and offering more opportunities for exploration and side activities. The story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will include both Venom and Kraven the Hunter as villains, promising an intriguing narrative with strong character development and potential twists.

With Starfield now out, and Mortal Kombat 1 in its early access period, it seems safe to say that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is now definitely the most anticipated game of the year. Though it’s been teased for almost two years now, it seems like Insomniac has only peeled back the very surface layer of what Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has to offer, and that’s already enough to make fans unbelievably hyped for its October 20 release date.

A true sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 looks as though it’s borrowing from the Jedi: Survivor and God of War: Ragnarok school of thought, taking its predecessor’s already-great groundwork and building upon it with a whole host of new mechanics and features. With an even more expansive open-world map and some brand-new superhero abilities, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is bringing a lot to the table, most of which fans haven’t really seen before.

The major new features in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are as follows:

Both Miles and Peter will be playable, and players can switch instantly between them while free-roaming. Web wings have been added for improved traversal, and both characters will be able to parry attacks. Over 65 suits will be available, including the Symbiote suit, which gives Peter unique tendril attacks and abilities. Peter will also have Iron Spider legs on his suit by default. An expanded open-world version of New York City is set to be featured, with more destrucible environments included within it. A new story where Venom and Kraven are the main villains. A 30 FPS, 40 FPS, and 60 FPS mode. All have ray-tracing and VRR support. Improved DualSense functionality, including the Symbiote’s sensitivity to sound being captured through controller vibrations.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s New Suit Abilities

One of the most anticipated features of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 – and the one at the forefront of all the game’s marketing – is the ability to switch between Peter Parker and Miles Morales. While some missions will reportedly have players controlling a specific Spider-Man, players will be able to swap between the heroes instantly anytime while free-roaming. On top of their distinct personalities, Miles and Peter also have their own set of unique abilities, with Miles’ powers revolving around his bio-electricity and Peter’s centering around the inclusion of the highly-anticipated Symbiote suit.

From what fans have seen so far from the trailers, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s Symbiote suit will give Peter some brutal abilities. With the black suit equipped, Peter’s Spider-Man will be able to launch foes into the air and slam them into the ground with Symbiote tendrils, parry oncoming hits with a Symbiote shield, and seemingly have increased health and attack power. On Miles’ side, his Spider-Man will be able to launch out waves of bio-electricity, capable of stunning both an individual foe and a whole group of enemies with chain lightning. The two Spider-Men will also share a bevy of new gadgets and abilities such as Web Wings that let them glide across the skies of New York City, to a tightrope web that can be used to get the drop on unsuspecting foes during stealth.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s Expanded New York City

Times Square in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Another highly-anticipated new feature in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is its expanded version of New York City. On top of the usual mainland Manhattan that was seen in both Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will feature both the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, essentially doubling the size of the previous games’ map. Spider-Man games have very rarely taken players outside of Manhattan, so Spider-Man 2 including both Queens and Brooklyn is likely going to be very special for Spidey fans, paving the way for even more Easter eggs, references, and side activities. Speaking of side activities, Insomniac mentioned in the latest trailer that Spider-Man 2 will feature seamless transitions for most of its side missions, with players simply being guided to one by a point of interest such as a Kraven drone or a mysterious sign in the sky.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s New Story and Villains

If there’s one thing Marvel’s Spider-Man really nailed back in 2018, it was its story and characters, giving a well-tread Marvel hero a fresh new spin while still being entirely faithful to the source material. From what fans have seen so far, it seems as though Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is going to follow its predecessor’s footsteps closely in this regard, introducing both Venom and Kraven the Hunter to Insomniac’s universe. With some incredible voice performances all but guaranteed, and some classic Insomniac twists likely in store, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2‘s story has the potential to be extremely strong.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 launches on October 20, exclusively for PlayStation 5.

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