There is a lack of co-op titles set in the Marvel universe, and It Takes Two’s gameplay style could be a great fit. Instead of the usual Marvel gameplay loop with action sequences and lots of combat, a co-op game could feature lower stakes with puzzles and platforming. Like It Takes Two, it could go out of its way to push players to work together. The Fantastic Four, Cloak and Dagger, and Rocket and Groot are potential Marvel heroes that could have a co-op game similar to It Takes Two.

Following the unparalleled success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is not too surprising that there has been a big boom of Marvel games in recent years. And like the superhero genre in the film industry, these releases have been a mixed bag. There are terrific successes like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel Snap, under-appreciated gems like Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and disappointments like Marvel’s Avengers. While developers have attempted games in several genres, there is untapped potential in a Marvel game like It Takes Two.

While the upcoming Iron Man and Black Panther games show promise, as do Skydance’s untitled project and Marvel’s Wolverine, there is definitely a lack of co-op titles set within the Marvel universe. Games that have taken on this form go for a beat-em-up approach like Ultimate Alliance, but a lot more could be done with a less combat-heavy Marvel experience in the vain of It Takes Two.

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While writer and director Josef Fares had experienced previous success thanks to the intriguing A Way Out, alongside being hugely entertaining at live shows like The Game Awards, few likely predicted that his follow-up title would be a Game of the Year award winner. However, Fares and Hazelight Studios surprised gamers with It Takes Two, a delightful co-op experience that is perfect for close friends and those in romantic relationships.

There is plenty that stands out about It Takes Two, from its art style to its story concept. However, its biggest advantage is how often it changes the type of gameplay that is thrown players’ way. Rarely are Cody and May doing the same thing twice, as the gameplay style changes as frequently as the game’s environments. Players experience everything from platforming and puzzle-solving to shooting and fighting game mechanics. With a horror-themed underwater section and a dungeon crawler also featured, It Takes Two has just about everything, serving as a love letter to gaming as a whole.

Much like the films and comics, Marvel games often play it safe, and for good reason. When players hop into a game that stars a Marvel hero, they will undoubtedly expect a lot of action and a gameplay approach that allows them to live out a power fantasy. However, games like Marvel’s Midnight Suns and Marvel Snap have proven that thinking outside the box can work well, so a co-op title that is inspired by the ambitious It Takes Two and strives to constantly shake up gameplay could be terrific.

When thinking about Marvel properties that would fit the It Takes Two mold, The Fantastic Four immediately come to mind. Marvel Studios will soon be trying to break the movie curse that has plagued this team, but a lighthearted four-player co-op game could be worth releasing in the meantime. Instead of prioritizing fights with Doctor Doom, Galactus, or another big threat, players could be given a story that is a bit less high stakes. In it, each player could have a chance to shine, with the four heroes regularly split up into different pairings. This way, players could occasionally have to work with partners they may be less familiar with, constantly needing to learn how to communicate like in It Takes Two.

While The Fantastic Four would suit this format, as Invisible Woman can provide stealth sections and Mr. Fantastic could use his stretchiness for platforming, there are other options. To replicate the relationship dynamic of It Takes Two, the Marvel couple of Cloak and Dagger could be the stars of a game. Additionally, close friends like Rocket and Groot could be utilized, with the former crafting gadgets and the latter shifting form to help solve any problem. Even a Moon Knight co-op game where each player controls one of Marc Spector’s personalities could be worthwhile. Hopefully, a Marvel game is eventually released that takes several notes from the excellent It Takes Two.

It Takes Two is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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