Spider-Man 4 can give Spider-Man his own personality that isn’t linked to a different hero. Spider-Man 4 has a wealth of anticipated villains to include. Spider-Man 4 can explore its own distinct visual style without imitating other MCU movies.

Spider-Man 4 is positioned to make some changes that could make the new movie even more compelling than the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy. Spider-Man and his solo movies have become a central element in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, prompting much excitement for the fourth movie in the MCU timeline. Following Spider-Man: No Way Home, Spider-Man’s fate in the MCU’s future is wildly unpredictable and could prove to be an improvement.

Though few details about Spider-Man 4 are currently known, it has been confirmed that Tom Holland will be returning, making it the first Spider-Man movie series to have four official installments. The plot will presumably deal with the conclusion to Spider-Man: No Way Home, which ended with Doctor Strange removing Peter Parker from everybody’s memory to save the multiverse. The consequence of this was that Spider-Man 4 has very little connection remaining to the preceding movies, which could be fortuitous.

10 Spider-Man Isn’t Tied Down To Other Heroes In Spider-Man 4

Spider-Man Has Struggled For His Own Identity

Peter Parker’s early appearances in the MCU primed Spider-Man to replace Iron Man. This was especially evident in Far From Home, as Tony designed his new suit, and the Iron Spider suit from Avengers: Infinity War and No Way Home. Spider-Man’s inherent abilities were secondary to his suit’s multitude of technological features, sidelining Spider-Man’s own identity in favor of an Iron Man substitute. While No Way Home did explore Spider-Man’s own identity, it also explored the identities of two other Spider-Man variants. Spider-Man 4 can give Spider-Man his own personality that isn’t somehow linked to a different hero.

9 Spider-Man 4 Could Use More Than One Major Marvel Villain Tease

Numerous Spider-Man Villains Already Exist In The MCU

The MCU has teased several classic Spider-Man villains who are still to materialize. Kingpin is primed to become the MCU’s primary villain in Phases 5 and 6, appearing in numerous installments. Tom Hardy’s Venom was teased at the end of No Way Home, and a speck of symbiote remained after he returned to his universe – meaning a separate Venom could emerge. Vulture teased a Sinister Six team-up in Spider-Man: Homecoming when he and Scorpion plotted revenge against the hero – though No Way Home‘s memory spell complicated this. Consequently, Spider-Man 4 has a wealth of anticipated villains to include.

8 Spider-Man Now Has An 8-Year MCU History Behind Him

Spider-Man Has An Established Backstory And Character Arc

One of the major strengths of Spider-Man: Homecoming was how it handled Spider-Man’s origin story. Essentially, omitting it to an off-hand comment meant that precious running time didn’t need to be wasted depicting the well-trodden narrative for a third time. Spider-Man 4 can enjoy a similar position, only with even further aspects already established. Most crucially, all the maturing Peter Parker has faced through Iron Man and Aunt May’s deaths will allow a more adult Spider-Man to jump straight into a new narrative.

7 Spider-Man Can Face More Street-Level Threats

Spider-Man Has Faced Few Foes On His Level

Following No Way Home, Spider-Man is set up to face more street-level threats akin to his “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” reputation. Stripped of his suits created by Iron Man, Spider-Man will be ill-equipped to face the MCU’s more cosmic threats – though this could provide a compelling storyline. However, Spider-Man 4 looks set to return the hero to a more grounded narrative, cleaning up New York City and potentially addressing Kinpin’s criminal empire following his reintroduction into the MCU.

Spider-Man’s Previous Movies All Featured An MCU Crossover

Spider-Man’s first appearance in the MCU was in service to the Captain America: Civil War narrative – with repercussions throughout the MCU. His subsequent outings included further appearances in the Avengers movies, while even his solo movies facilitated overarching MCU narratives. This established the character as inextricably linked to the franchise’s central narrative, even when depicting Spider-Man’s own stories. Spider-Man 4 could change this trend, pursuing its own independent story without needing to consider the wider MCU, and subsequently allowing more focus to be aimed at Peter’s own major life changes since No Way Home.

5 Spider-Man Can Be A Truly Independent Hero

Spider-Man Never Been Along In Facing His Foes

Throughout each Spider-Man movie, Peter Parker is aided in some way by other characters. Tony Stark, Happy Hogan, Mysterio, Ned, MJ, Doctor Strange, Aunt May, and two Spider-Man variants have each been instrumental in aiding the Web-Slinger in his battles. Following No Way Home, this circumstance is not readily available and Spider-Man is truly alone. Any assistance Spider-Man requires in Spider-Man 4, he will have to source himself without the support of his friends and family. This isolation could prompt the inclusion of other MCU heroes, but it will proffer Peter Parker the opportunity to truly stand on his own.

4 Spider-Man Will Have To Face Adult Life

After Spider-Man: No Way Home Peter Parker Needs To Support Himself

At the end of No Way Home, Peter Parker moves into his new apartment in New York City. He previously resided with his Aunt during his teenage years, but following her death and the memory-erasing spell, Peter is left with nobody to support him. Consequently, Spider-Man 4 will need to address Peter sustaining himself and managing an adult life. This will presumably include him juggling a job with his duties as Spider-Man, and could finally depict him becoming a professional photographer – a classic facet of Spider-Man’s character which has been largely absent from his MCU appearances.

3 Spider-Man 4 Can Establish Its Own Creative Identity

The MCU’s Design Has Changed Drastically Since Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man was introduced in Captain America: Civil War, which maintained the general look and design of the MCU’s first two phases. These were characterized by their muted color palettes that emphasized a sense of realism. This was maintained throughout Spider-Man’s subsequent solo movies. However, later MCU entrants, such as Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 have changed this franchise-wide tone, incorporating a more vivid and stylized design. As No Way Home has created a distinct break, Spider-Man 4 can explore its own distinct visual style without simply imitating other MCU movies.

2 Spider-Man 4 Can Explore Peter’s Secret Identity After No Way Home

Spider-Man’s Secret Identity Hasn’t Actually Been A Secret Yet

In each Spider-Man movie and his other MCU appearances, Spider-Man’s secret identity has never been a secret. He was introduced in Civil War after being identified by Iron Man, and in each solo movie other characters have been completely aware of his dual identity. After No Way Home, this is no longer the case. Spider-Man can finally explore a world in which absolutely nobody knows his secret identity, and the movie can then navigate all the complex themes that this creates. This extra layer will make Spider-Man 4‘s story more compelling and return the hero to a more classic narrative.

1 Spider-Man 4 Has A Fresh Start After No Way Home

No Way Home Has Completely Reset Spider-Man’s Future

Spider-Man 4 is in the privileged position of having a clean slate following No Way Home. Effectively, the movie can pick and choose which elements will be retained from the previous films, and quietly drop other, less favorable features. The only main plot points that cannot be escaped are Peter Parker reaching adulthood, and Aunt May’s death. Most other central facets need to be re-established, including Peter Parker’s central relationships and villains seeking their revenge against the Web-Slinger. This is one of the many ways in which Spider-Man 4 could be more effective than the Spider-Man: Homecoming trilogy.

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