Marvel Comics has pushed forward with the gorgeously crafted Black, White and Red format. While the House of Ideas initially branched out into the limited color palette publishing strategy with its own superheroes like Moon Knight and Deadpool, Marvel has now begun producing a version centered on Darth Vader.

The right-hand man to the Emperor absolutely belongs in this style of comic, with the complexities of Vader getting further spotlighted through the unique art style. The decision to include Vader in this run demonstrates that Marvel is open to creating other Black, White, and Red series based on the classic characters of the Star Wars franchise. These figures would be fantastic additions to the format.

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10 Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka Tano’s journey has recently continued in the titular Disney+ series, but the time period between the end of Rebels and the start of Ahsoka is certainly worth exploring. After leaving the Jedi Order Ahsoka essentially transitioned into “Ahsoka the White,” a Force user with no strong allegiances.

As the galaxy continued to reshape around Ahsoka there were sure to be new tests that audiences haven’t been able to see which would have pushed her faith in the Force. Ahsoka is the white that stands out against the reds and blacks of the Dark Side. The comic style would be a brilliant way to encapsulate that period of uncertainty as the New Republic formed.

9 Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is among the best characters from the Disney-era Star Wars movies. In the shadows of a family line that has previously been corrupted by the Dark Side, it’s no surprise that Ben Solo failed to find his true place in the galaxy until it was too late.

Kylo Ren has always been a character of contrasts, with both sides of the Force attempting to influence him. The Black, White and Red style would be a stunning way to show the inner conflict within Ren, especially leading up to his ultimate decision in The Rise of Skywalker. There’s more story to tell with Ren, and unfortunately, it won’t be happening on the screen.

8 Greedo

Greedo is defined by the color green, but some allowances could be made in the Black, White, and Red formula to add just one more color to the palette. Greedo’s life has been one defined by the criminal underworld, unable to escape and never rising to a position of power.

There simply aren’t enough comics focused on the underworld from an actual smuggler’s perspective. Greedo is very much at the bottom of the food chain and that’s a perspective worth exploring further. A gritty one-off tale depicting Greedo’s continued descent into this shadowy world would make for compelling reading. The Black, White and Red medium would highlight the violence and desperation of that lifestyle.

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7 Din Djarin

Din Djarin’s later years have been well documented through the Disney+ show, The Mandalorian. However, there’s been less coverage of his younger days as he trained under the Mandalorians and fought as a foundling. This would have been a troubling time for Din, who had to let go of everything that came before.

The Black, White and Red style could be used to trace the transformation of Din from a foundling to the Mandalorian viewers are familiar with today. A final shot, shedding the Black, White, and Red palette to allow for the silver of his armor would hammer that point home. The format is abstract enough for easy time jumps and could serve this narrative well.

6 Count Dooku

Count Dooku was involved in some of the most shocking moments in Star Wars movie history, but the character has been fleshed out further via animated shows like The Clone Wars and audiobooks such as Jedi Lost. Dooku’s earliest days as part of the Separatists are of the most interest though.

That fall from Jedi to Sith Lord is one that very few have experienced. This transformational time in Count Dooku’s career deserves to be given a grander exploration. The Black, White, and Red formula has been so effective in the Sith Lord Vader’s portrayal and those same strengths could only elevate Dooku’s story of corruption.

5 Asajj Ventress

Another Dark Side user, Asajj Ventress has been involved with the Sith, the Separatists, the Nightsisters, and the Bounty Hunters. While so many have rejected the Light and embraced the Dark, Ventress actually embarked on a path of redemption which was briefly touched upon in The Clone Wars.

While the novel Dark Disciple puts an end to Ventress’ narrative, it feels as if there is unfinished business. Audiences need to see more from this conflicted Ventress, who pushed back everything she knew in favor of a new start. The Black, White, and Red format would effectively portray Ventress’ past, present, and future as she defines a different life.

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4 Grand Admiral Thrawn

Grand Admiral Thrawn has returned to the galaxy far, far away after being taken out of commission during Star Wars Rebels. The Heir to the Empire has spent a long time on another world, surrounded by the sinister Nightsisters and their meddling magics.

This is a time period that audiences are very interested in, with Thrawn surviving and arguably thriving in such harsh conditions. A Black, White and Red comic might be able to answer a few questions about the former Legends character, as he balances his Chiss background with this role in the Empire and his relationship with the witches of Dathomir.

3 Phee Genoa

Phee Genoa is a relatively recent character that was established as part of The Bad Batch’s lore. A treasure hunter with a love for giving back to the very communities that those artifacts were stolen from, audiences only got to see Genoa’s further dimensions late into the show.

While Genoa’s relationship with Tech took most of her screen time, it would be fascinating to see how the smuggler got involved in the treasure trade and the conflicts she had to go through to survive. A Black, White and Red comic based on Genoa would make the impact required to elevate the character beyond her brief animated appearances. The color scheme would work beautifully for Genoa who ironically does not see the world quite so black and white.

2 Ezra Bridger

There are so many comics that Star Wars fans would be recommended upon entering the genre for the first time, but the Kanan ones are among the best as a supplement for Rebels. Yet, Ezra Bridger has not been given his due on the page, since most of his story has been told on-screen.

The Jedi Padawan famously struggled with the Dark Side in his earlier years, getting briefly tormented by Darth Maul. That’s a chapter in Ezra’s journey that’s worth revisiting and a Black, White and Red series might be able to add a few more elements to that complex relationship between the Dathomirian and his would-be apprentice.

1 Aurra Sing

Aurra Sing is one of the galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunters. The character has been depicted more on the page and in animated form than she has in live-action, despite a brief cameo. But her reputation proceeds her, and her backstory is full of violence and difficult decisions.

Aurra Sing is one of those Star Wars characters that audiences never seem to know enough about. A “Black, White and Orange” series would play to Sing’s strength. The strong and silent type, the comic would let the action and bloodshed do the talking for her as she navigates her dangerous career.

 The Darth Vader: Black, White, and Red series is beautiful, and many other Star Wars characters would benefit from this stylish comic format.  Read More