Kerry Callen’s Marvel parody comics infuse clever wit and humor, shedding light on beloved heroes who take themselves too seriously.
Callen’s parodies pay homage to and affectionately rib the Marvel Universe, reshaping the superhero narrative landscape with a twist.
From reversing established norms to reimagining characters, Callen’s comics create an exhilarating concoction of humor and fondness for the source material.

In the world of comic book hilarity, it’s the Avengers and X-Men who steal the show in these hilarious Marvel parody comics by the one and only Kerry Callen, celebrated humor maestro from MAD Magazine. Callen masterfully infuses his work with an ingenious blend of clever wit and humor, shedding a light on Marvel’s beloved heroes, who, at times, take themselves a tad too seriously.

Through a dynamic mix of visual gags, razor-sharp satire, unexpected character mashups, and a hearty dose of nostalgic charm, Callen’s parodies reign supreme, reshaping the superhero narrative landscape with a twist. What makes Callen’s comics truly exceptional is their ability to both pay homage to and affectionately rib the Marvel Universe, creating an exhilarating concoction of humor and fondness for the source material. So, gear up for a rollicking ride with these top 10 funniest Marvel parody comics from the genius that is Kerry Callen.

10 Ghost Rider 80-Page Giant

During the 1960s, Marvel Comics often featured its iconic heroes engaged in epic battles against formidable villains, while DC Comics took a different approach, often showcasing superheroes in outlandish and extraordinary scenarios. Both strategies were clever marketing tactics, aimed at capturing the imaginations of young readers and enticing them to buy their comics. In an amusing twist, Callen decides to reverse these established norms, giving birth to an uproariously absurd, DC-inspired, Ghost Rider comic cover. His playful vision has given fans a glimpse into what might have occurred if DC Comics had taken the helm in introducing Ghost Rider during that era.

9 “My Eyes Are Down Here!”

Arnim Zola’s appearance is undeniably distinctive, featuring a humanoid body that is utterly overshadowed by the peculiar sight of his face displayed on a screen embedded in his chest. This unique visage makes him the perfect subject for one of Callen’s ingenious parodies. Staying true to his comedic form, Callen delivers a gem by taking the classic and humorous admonition, “My eyes are up here,” and ingeniously flipping it to suit Zola: “Hey Lady. My eyes are down here!” This witty exchange not only highlights Callen’s clever humor but also offers a delightful reimagination of this iconic Marvel character, casting him in a refreshingly hilarious light.

8 “Hair’s Something Interesting.”

Within this vintage-looking comic strip, Callen serves up a slew of uproarious “What if…” scenarios that playfully spotlight some of Marvel’s more follicularly endowed characters, such as Medusa, Beast, and Tigra. His signature humor, rooted in visual gags and artful wit, takes center stage in this masterpiece. In this sidesplitting display, Tigra rocks shaved legs, Beast finds himself soaking wet, and Medusa sports a gleaming bald head paired with an astonishing cascade of armpit hair. It’s a comedic twist on fans’ favorite, hair-covered Marvel characters that’s sure to leave readers more than a little amused at its outright absurdity.

7 Wolverine Dream

Thanks to this comic strip, fans can finally satiate their curiosity about what Wolverine dreams of. Callen provides a hilarious glimpse into the dreams of this iconic hero, featuring a vivid scene of Wolverine relentlessly pummeling a villain, a scenario that isn’t out of place considering Logan’s heroic exploits. However, instead of his trademark adamantium claws, Wolverine’s formidable weapons are replaced by three comically tiny fists. This surreal portrayal of Wolverine’s dreamworld highlights the whimsical nature of dreams that many fans can undoubtedly relate to, reminding them that even the mightiest of heroes may have their own peculiar moments of subconscious quirkiness if Callen is to be believed.

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6 The Wolverine!

Callen has truly elevated the art of hypothetical character design by taking Wolverine and reimagining him as a literal wolverine. The brilliance of this design lies in its intentional absurdity, which renders it downright hilarious. In his Instagram post, Callen elaborates on the inspiration behind this comic strip, revealing that it draws from the quirky aesthetic of Marvel’s “animal” characters from the ’70s. He ingeniously applies this quite literal animal design concept to Wolverine, resulting in a comedic masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of imagination and humor. It’s safe to say that this character design will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression in the minds of fans and creators alike.

5 Puke-Sense

While fans have undoubtedly fantasized about the thrilling experience of soaring through the urban skyline cradled by Spider-Man, Callen ingeniously injects a hearty dose of reality-grounded humor into this idealized scenario. In his comic, he portrays a hapless civilian battling motion sickness while in the arms of Spider-Man and playfully reinterprets Spider-Man’s renowned “spider sense” as the comical “puke sense.” Adding to the humor, a bystander can off-panel exclaims, “Ew…What’s in my hair?!” The juxtaposition of the extraordinary and the everyday in this strip delivers a humorous and relatable glimpse into the unexpected repercussions that could accompany the fantastical world of superheroes.

4 “Teamwork Is The Best!”

In a commissioned piece, Callen offers an imaginative perspective on the abilities of Cyclops and Wolverine. This whimsical scenario finds the two heroes teaming up with Nightcrawler for a backyard Bar-B-Que. What sets this gathering apart is the clever use of their superpowers – Wolverine’s claws double as hot dog skewers, while Cyclops puts his optic blast to good use in roasting the hot dogs. Amidst this culinary chaos, Nightcrawler appears absolutely delighted just to be included in the festivities. This comic also stands out as a unique treat because it showcases Callen’s distinctive artistic style, deviating from the Golden Age aesthetic often seen in his parody comics.

3 The Origin of Spider-Man

Callen’s Spider-Man parody in MAD #3 presents a comical account of Peter Parker’s transformation into the iconic Spider-Man and the demise of Uncle Ben. The comic’s brilliance lies in its ability to ratchet up the laughter factor with each succeeding panel, building a crescendo of chaos and sidesplitting humor. What truly distinguishes this piece is the seamless fusion of visual comedy and sharp-witted dialogue. Furthermore, Callen’s remarkable skill is on full display as he cleverly parodies numerous iconic Spider-Man moments in a remarkably compact set of panels, effectively paying homage to the superhero’s enduring legacy while showcasing his creative brilliance in humor and parody.

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2 Sushi

Once again, Callen’s comic strip stands out for its signature blend of chaos and absurdity, cementing its place as one of the funniest in this collection. In his Instagram post, Callen shares that he stumbled upon an unused, penciled page by the legendary artist Gil Kane and decided to take it upon himself to ink the page and add dialogue. The result is nothing short of uproarious, with Daredevil aggressively demanding sushi and then dive-bombing across the table to tackle Milton when his sushi request is denied. The artwork itself exudes chaos, and Callen’s clever dialogue adds another layer of humor, creating a comic that promises to leave readers in fits of laughter.

1 Captain America

Claiming the top spot on this list is Callen’s Captain America parody, a comic strip that’s nothing short of sidesplitting. Here readers witness Bucky Barnes desperately imploring Steve Rogers not to eat his shield, to which Captain America dramatically exclaims, “If I don’t, Bucky, I’ll die!” The true comedic brilliance of this piece lies in its deliberate omission of any context to explain why Steve finds himself in the absurd predicament of eating his shield. This absence of context infuses an additional layer of outrageous absurdity into the comic, elevating its unhinged humor and acting as a prime example of Kerry Callen‘s consistent prowess in crafting humorous Marvel content.

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